The MGLI Story

Our vision is to build “100 new cities by 2030”.

Urban planning in India, based on in-situ development, is inadequate to address the scale of infrastructural and housing shortage. We at MGLI , have taken it upon ourselves to build not only houses, but cities that are environmentally friendly, technologically advanced, committed to education, dedicated to health, and that foster community spirit.

By 2030, India will have a housing shortage of 100 million homes. By building a100 new cities, MGLI hopes to meet 1% of this need.

MGLI : Cities of the Future

We are building cities across 18 locations in India. This year we will launch 40,000 houses spread across Maharashtra.

India needs cities that are smarter, efficient, sustainable and which offer a higher quality of life to its people. MGLI is embarking on a new journey that lays the benchmark for quality and modern urban development in the country. We match the global trend of increasing affordability by designing compact homes and offering standard amenities of free car park, community centre with swimming pool and commercial complexes. At MGLI , we deliver end-to-end urban infrastructure services to create a superior living experience for our inhabitants.

Chairman Statements

When I became Chairman, I shared with you my assessment of the strengths of the business.A focused strategy of organic growth-rolling out our brands into country after country, city after city, discipline after discipline An expanding presence in the worlds growth markets Powerful brands recognised around the globe One of the strongest “make it happen” cultures I have come across in forty years A work hard/play hard/go anywhere management team; and A small and effective Board. Our Board has reviewed and embraced the strategy of worldwide organic growth in multiple disciplines and geographies. We have continued to open offices in growth markets. We have redesigned the executive leadership team to create one global company,organisation and culture. In doing so,We have further strengthened our Board. We remain free of the constraints that hold back so many businesses in this difficult environment.